BTX 150 IU botulinum type A generic

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Image is for illustration only, product is shipped without label with random color plastic flip-off cap

Effects last for about 8 months.

This product has several different uses, that are not only in the category of cosmetic alterations. this product is also used to treat overactive bladders, cervical dystonia, overactive sweat glands, back pain, twitches and more. It seems that more and more uses for this product are being found on a regular basis. Typically this product loses its effects and a new injection is required within 6-9 months of the initial injection.

The most popular uses for this product is definitely the treatment of wrinkles . In this situation, a licensed medical practitioner injects the products solution into several regions of the face where wrinkle treatment is needed. The product that is injected temporarily paralyzes the muscles under the skin, thereby getting rid of the wrinkles and offering a smooth and youthful appearance.


It is widely believed that this product can not be stored or kept outside of its refrigerated state. Once BTX PRO is reconstituted, it must be kept refrigerated. However, if the product has not been reconstituted, it can stay at room temperature without concern for up to 10 days.

The active ingredient in this product is botulinum toxin type A . This is the actual ingredient that gives the effects that are expected from an injection.

This product should at no time be administered by anyone other than a licensed medical practitioner. A botulinum injection should only be applied by a medical professional.