Cortexin brain boosting amino acid and vitamin complex with RNA 10×10 mg



ONE OF A KIND nootropic complex with Ribonucleic acid, full spectrum of amino acids, vitamins and minerals! 

Over the last decade, neurologists and other doctors have witnessed the increasing use of Cortexin – a home-produced peptide drug. Its use has become possible after the discovery of low molecular peptides,which convey the information necessary for normal functioning, interaction and development of cells. The discovery of these peptides underlay a search and development of new pharmacological agents. Cortexin use is based on the ability of the drug to provide a normalizing effect on many functions of the brain.

Cortexin is a polypeptide with an optimal, balanced composition of polypeptides and neurotransmitters provider of tissue-specific effects on the cerebral cortex. The drug reduces the toxic effects of neurotrophic substances, improves learning ability of patients improves cognitive performance (nootropic effect), activates the repair processes in the central nervous system. Has also an anticonvulsant and cerebroprotective action. Cortexin contributes to the rapid restoration of the central nervous system after stress influences.

Cortexin normalizes the ratio of excitatory and inhibitory amino acids in the brain regulates dopamine and serotonin. Other mechanisms of action are the restoration of bioelectric activity of brain cells, the effect of oxidative stress (antioxidant effect) and GABAergic influence. Pharmacokinetic parameters can not be determined because the L-amino acids and neuropeptides that are part of the drug had an average half-life of about 3 minutes, making it impossible to identify indicators of absorption, distribution and discretion peptide residues.

Nootropic effect: Improves higher cerebral functions, processes of learning and memory, concentration, attention and tolerance to mental and physical stress;

Neuroprotective effect: protects neurones against different endogenous neurotoxic factors (glutamate, calcium ions and free radicals) and reduces toxic impact of psychotropic agents;

Antioxidant effect: inhibits lipid peroxidation, increases survival of neurones under oxidative stress and hypoxia;

Tissue-specific effect: activates metabolism of neurones of central and peripheral nervous system as well as reparative processes; also, promotes stimulation of cortical function and general improvement of the nervous system.

Cortexin has the following amino acids, vitamins and minerals (ONE OF A KIND on the market):

Amino acids:

Aspartic acid: 446 nmol/mg; Glycine: 298 nmol/mg; Threonine: 212 nmol/mg; Serine: 268 nmol/mg; Glutamic acid: 581 nmol/mg; Proline: 187 nmol/mg; Alanine: 246 nmol/mg; Isoleucine: 356 nmol/mg; Tyrosine: 109 nmol/mg; Phenylalanine: 162 nmol/mg; Histidine: 116 nmol/mg; Lysine: 253 nmol/mg; Arginine and other amino acids: 202 nmol/mg.


Lysine: 253 nmol/mg; Thiamine (Vitamin B1) – 0.08 mcg/10mg; Lysine: 253 nmol/mg; Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – 0.03 mcg/10 mg; Niacin (Vitamin B3, Vitamin PP) 0.05 mcg/10 mg; Retinol (Vitamin A) – 0.011 mcg/10mg; Alfa-tokoferol (vitamin E) – 0.007 mcg/10mg.


(Cu): 0,2129 mcg/10 mg; (Fe): 2,26 mcg/10 mg; (Ca): 22,93 mcg/10 mg; (Mg): 8,5 mcg/10 mg; (K): 19,83 mcg/10 mg; (Na): 643,2 mcg/10 mg; (S): 152,65 mcg/10 mg; (P): 91,95 mcg/10 mg; (Zn): 4,73 mcg/10 mg; (Mb): 0,0203 mcg/10 mg; (Co): 0,0044 mcg/10 mg; (Mn): 0,0061 mcg/10 mg; (Se): 0,0745 mcg/10 mg; (Al): 0,3104 mcg/10 mg; (Li): 0,0340 mcg/10 mg.

RUSSIAN PACKAGING, 10x 10 ml vials, each vial has 10 mg of Cortexin (5 mg exist as the paediatric version)