Curiosa® gel 15 mg hyaluronate gel



Curiosa® wound healing gel with zinc-hyaluronate as main ingredient.

Hyaluronate is a natural and essential component of the skin, promotes regeneration and ensures environment for wound healing. Its zinc complex, zinc hyaluronate, offers additional benefits

Provides: prevents microorganisms that cause wound infection from entering the wound, helps with inflammation and pain

to help the wound heal faster.

Use Curiosa Gel to restore the integrity of your skin and eliminate signs of damage.

How do I apply Curiosa gel?

topical use only.
Minor back injuries (bruising, cutting):

Thoroughly clean the affected body surface, absorb the moisture and wait for the bleeding to disappear.

Apply a thin layer (approx. 1 mm) of Curiosa gel to the entire wound surface. Wound treatment only with clean hands

make sure that the tube does not come into direct contact with the wound! Apply top dressing usually not needed. If you still want to cover the injury, the dressing will just dry out the gel after install. The treatment may be repeated several times daily if necessary.

I and II. degree of burns:

Immediately cool the damaged skin surface under cold running water and use Curiosa gel as described above.

More severe, long-standing epithelial deficiencies (eg, skin ulcers of various origins, bedsores, other chronic conditions)


Use of Curiosa Gel under the supervision of a specialist in the treatment of wounds is recommended in these cases.

Beyond wound healing, proper medical treatment of the underlying disease and additional advice on cures should also be followed (eg use of scarf, sneakers, blood glucose) control, movement of the lying patient, etc.).

It is important that the wound is completely cleaned before using Curiosa Gel, and in severe cases, it should only be done by a specialist carried out. After proper preparation of the wound base, the gel should be applied as described above.

Instructions for Use

What are the undesirable effects of Curiosa Gel and what should I do if they occur?

At the start of treatment, you may experience burning, wound pain, redness, which usually disappears within a short time,

and does not justify suspension of the use of the preparation.

If you experience an unexpected symptom while using the product or the wound becomes inflamed,

gets infected, even after a few days does not show the first signs of healing, consult a specialist.

Very rare cases of small local tissue disorders have been reported in patients with severe conditions in clinical trials.

impairment, in which case there is a causal relationship between the application of the product and the onset of the symptom

it was not clear.

When should I not use Curiosa gel?

Against any of the ingredients of the preparation or protein derived from Avies (in this case cockroach) in case of hypersensitivity.