NeyVit® Nr. 66 CellPower biomolecular



NeyVit® Nr. 66 CellPower

The vitOrgan Arzneimittel GmbH company, as a pioneer of organ therapy, is known for its organ homoeopathic medications which are only available as injectable preparations since their registration with the Federal Institute for Medications and Medicinal Products (BfArM, in German). The possibility is now again available, to supplement sensibly and in the long run, a regulatory treatment with biomolecular vitOrgan therapy using the nutritional supplements (NS) NeyVit® Nr. 29 Thymus and NeyVit® Nr. 66 CellPower. Also possible is the application in therapy mode, in order to support immune functions and to protect from oxidative stress.

Gastro-resistant and lactose-free

Our NeyVit tablets are enteric-coated. This means that a special coating protects the valuable ingredients from the digestive fluids of the stomach, bile and pancreas. We use shellac, a pure natural substance. In this way, we achieve that the high-quality NeyVit active ingredients are absorbed completely and gently in the intestinal area only after passage through the stomach and are completely available in the organism.

NeyVit® Nr. 66 CellPower

Apart from the thymus organ extract, NeyVit® Nr. 66 Zellkraft contains additional extracts from spleen, liver und lung, along with the zinc trace element and vitamin D3. Zinc and vitamin D3 are important for an optimally functional immune system and an orderly cell division process. Zinc protects cells from injuries caused by aggressive oxygen radicals and peroxides (oxidative stress).

Spleen: Red and white, blood and lymph, energy for life outwards and defence strength inwards. The spleen, next to its function for blood cleansing, it plays an important role in the optimal functioning of the immune system. In case of need, immune cells multiply and mature in the spleen.

Liver: The liver is the body’s energy provider and detoxification agent, playing a central role in metabolism. It uses, stores, transforms and degrades substances. The liver is the central organ of metabolism.

Lung: There is no life without oxygen. The lung provides oxygen to the body, removing CO2.


  • The NeyVit® Nr. 66 CellPower is, in its composition, particularly compatible with various vitOrgan injectable preparations and can sensibly supplement a regulatory treatment by means of a biomolecular vitOrgan therapy
  • with extract of thymus, liver, lung and spleen
  • zinc contributes to protect the cells against oxidative degradation
  • lactose-, fructose- and gluten-free
  • also appropriate for long-term use

Tableting aids: calcium phosphate, cellulose; Organ extracts from thymus, liver, lung, spleen (33.7%); hardened vegetable fat); Zinc gluconate (0.56%); Release agents: silica, magnesium salts of fatty acids; Coating agent shellac; Dye: titanium dioxide; Talc; Vitamin D (cholecalciferol 0.0006%, sucrose, gum arabic, corn starch, medium chain triglycerides, tricalcium phosphate, DL-α-tocopherol); Olive oil.