10 vials box – 1 vial contains 10 mg dry purified thymus extract (thymus gland) of cattle

How it works:
Restores immune reactivity (the body’s response to pathogenic stimuli, usually accompanied by the formation of the protective properties of the organism) – regulates the amount and ratio of T and B lymphocytes (blood cells responsible for the formation of cell tissue and the body’s defence) and their subpopulations, stimulates cellular immune response (cellular defence) enhances phagocytosis (the process of active capture and destruction by phagocytes / blood / pathogen cells) stimulate the processes of regeneration (restoration) and hematopoiesis in the case of depression, and improves cell metabolism (metabolism) .


  • Complex treatment of diseases that are accompanied by a decrease in cellular immunity: acute and chronic purulent-inflammatory diseases of bones and soft tissues
  • regenerative processes disorders (bone fractures, burns, freeze burns, trophic ulcers, radiation necrosis of tissues, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum)
  • acute and chronic bacterial and viral infections
  • multiple sclerosis, obliterative atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis
  • suppressed immunity and haematopoiesis after radiotherapy or chemotherapy, use of large doses of antibiotics