Turtlepin® dermal stimulator & microneedle injector system



A new dermal needle device for high efficacy of facial and scalp treatments with mesotherapy substances, vitamins and growth factors.


  • 1x Airless pump for the storage of liquids
  • 4x lancet needle injector head cartridge


TurtlePin® is designed to help liquid solutions permeate into the skin.

TurtlePin® promotes the absorption of liquid solutions and stimulates the creation of collagen. TurtlePin® is composed of two sale units, the TurtlePin® injection devices and the Airless container (replacement), which can be filled with the product.

TurtlePin® is a 5th generation direct dermic needle device, comprising 19 sterile and equidistant hypodermic nano-needles, which allow for the balanced delivery of the required solution for aesthetic procedures, whilst maximising the efficiency of the absorption of the solution into the skin.